The mission of the North-South All-Star Football Game is to create a memorable and rewarding week for the best high school football players and coaches in South Carolina.

The players and coaches enjoy a week of hospitality at Myrtle Beach.

Proceeds from the North-South All-Star Game go to the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association Scholarship Fund to benefit the children of the state's athletic coaches. Children of coaches in all sports and at all levels of coaching have been recipients of these scholarships.

For news and up to date information on the North South Game, please follow us on twitter at @NorthSouthFB. We will tweet schedules, event locations, times, and all pertinent information, so that you can stay up to date and informed with everything that is going on.  We at the North South Game want you and your child to have the best All-Star game experience possible. We will use twitter as a fast and easy way to help everyone stay in contact with us. Thank you for your cooperation and welcome to the North South Football All Star Game.

North- South All Star Game is held on Saturday, December  13, 2014.

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North South photos are taking during game week. Click the link above.

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South Wins over the North, 23-18, in the Touchstone Energy  Cooperatives bowl. Click The Sun News icon for the story. 

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